Looking Good – What to wear on eyes

The latest stylish glasses are always on display at Eyewear on Pako.

Can you say, ‘I wear eyewear from Eyewear on Pako’?

The team at Eyewear on Pako invites customers to check out the business’s extensive range of optical frames and sunglasses and to experience its incomparable customer service.

In 2002 Eyewear on Pako was brought to fruition by owners Chris Benning and Peter Weston, who between them share 80 years of experience in the optical industry.

More recently, Matt Benning has also become partner after working in the store for 15 years.

Eyewear on Pako’s range has consistently expanded, with the team personally selecting each frame to ensure an extensive array of shapes, colours and distinctive designs to suit each customer’s individual needs.

Eyewear on Pako stocks well-recognised brands including Ray Ban, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Emporio Armani and Valley Eyewear as well as a diverse range of quality, distinctive labels from all over the world, including Sabine Be, Anne & Valentin, LA Eyeworks, RAEN, Roger and Res Rei.

The latest range to hit the shelves is Folc, a collection of strikingly bold, contemporary and sustainably made frames designed in Barcelona and hand-made in Italy. Eyewear on Pako was lucky enough to be selected as one of just five Folc stockists in Australia.

Eyewear on Pako can also help with customers’ eye-health, Chris says.

“We offer bulk-billed eye examinations and have two optometrists testing most days,” he advises.

“Our optometrists perform comprehensive screenings for conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts, as well as complete retinal scans and photographs where needed. An optometrist will advise you of the ways your vision may be improved at the conclusion of your eye examination.”

Updates from Eyewear on Pako are available on Instagram@eyewearonpako.