A family affair

An 1880s desk at Pegasus Antiques.

Highton’s Ken Duggan was just seven when he bought his first antique with saved pocket money.

The old chair sparked his love affair with antiques, which he now prizes over modern furniture.

Pegasus Antiques opened in Ken’s home 36 years ago but now occupies a “fabulously huge“ warehouse at Newtown under the management of Ken and son Joel.

“Dad had actually pointed out this very warehouse when I was about five,“ Joel remembers.

“He said, ‘I’ll own that building one day’, and we all laughed.”

Ken and Joel have worked together in the business for around two decades.

“Joel was a teenager when he first got involved. He was a natural and just took to it easily,” Ken says.

Pegasus Antiques’ “huge amount” of stock spreads through 30 display rooms and a large open area.

“We tend to buy from the 1800s to 1900s, covering the Georgian, Regency, William V, Victorian and Edwardian eras. We source from southern Scotland and Lyon, France,” Ken says.

“We also restore and alter furniture including raising desk drawers, lengthening beds to accommodate our taller generation, and to become useable furniture.“

Pegasus Antiques is at 550 Latrobe Boulevard, Newtown, visit pegasusantiques.com.au or phone 5221 8290.