Senor Manny’s dishes out the hits

The authentic interior at Senor Manny's Cantina.

Sticky pork ribs is one of the popular new dishes on the menu at Senor Manny’s Cantina.
The sticky pork ribs are cooked slowly and glazed with citrus and tequila.
The ribs are served on a bed of sweet potato mash and accompanied with a refreshing mandarin side-salad with a citrus and cumin dressing.
Vegie and bean burrito is another new dish winning fans at Senor Manny’s.
Combining corn, carrot, onion, capsicum, jalapenos, black beans and cheese, the dish is first baked in a wheat tortilla.
The burrito is then topped with the cantina’s special sauce and sour cream before being served on a bed of Mexican rice.
Senor Manny’s Cantina is at shop 2A 48/50 The Centreway, Lara, phone 5282 8960.