By Mayor Bruce Harwood

How good is Geelong looking?!

Exciting projects like the Johnstone Park Tiered Raingarden are really adding colour and life to our central Geelong space.

We’re already seeing clear benefits from the work that’s been done so far – the upgraded laneways at the west end of Little Malop Street being a prime example.

With new public art, improved lighting, new paving surfaces and street furniture, our CBD now offers vibrant places both day and night.

They’re attracting more retail and hospitality operators, which in turn creates employment. The Green Spine, once finished, should produce a similar boost for Malop Street.

The flow-on effect of this revitalisation is that large organisations will increasingly view Geelong as an attractive place to do business.

The NDIA’s decision to build its headquarters here is a good example, and this is extremely important for sustainable growth – especially given our rising population.

Central Geelong will be a great place to visit, which will aid tourism, and a great place to live – our aim is to eventually have 10,000 people calling the CBD home.

It’s exciting seeing the various projects come to life, and once the entire vision is complete, the overall result will be significant for Geelong’s future.

The council, in partnership with the Victorian Government, will continue to build on the great work so far, as we further position our city as a vibrant, engaging environment.

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