Lighthouse Olive Oils describes some of its award-winning products, with ideas for using them to give a local splash of flavour to summertime dining.

Ruby Red Grapefruit
A pleasant and distinctive fruity citrus flavour, which is created by crushing ruby red grapefruits with our premium estate grown olives. Drizzle on salads, steamed vegetables, fresh seafood or add zing and colour to avocado smash.

A refreshingly zesty olive oil created by crushing juicy lemons with our estate grown olives. These refreshing characteristics make it the perfect choice for dressing salads or drizzling over vegetables, seafood and pasta dishes. This oil is great to drizzle or add flavour while cooking.

Lime and Jalapeno
A zesty, fresh oil with an elegant heat. Made by crushing fresh limes and Jalapenos with our estate grown olives. This oil is great for pasta dishes, salads, seafood, vegetables and dipping. It is the perfect oil to drizzle or cook with.

Intense Fruitiness
A premium Spanish style olive oil of stronger character. This intensely fruity oil, with mild pepper, is perfect in all aspects of contemporary cuisine. The oil is the optimal dressing to enhance the flavours of green salads, red meat and bruschetta. Its high stability make it a great choice for frying.

Medium Fruitiness
A premium Italian style olive oil of medium character with fresh but mild pepper flavour. These fresh characteristics make this oil an ideal choice to accompany salads, pasta dishes, seafood and white meats of delicate flavours. Its high stability makes it the optimal choice for frying.

Picual is a Spanish variety of olive oil with earthy tones that are lifted by green olive leaf and a mild pepper. Perfect for salads, delicate white meats and cooking contemporary cuisines. Its high stability also makes it a great choice for frying.

Frantoio is a Tuscan variety which produces a smooth, fruity oil with delicate aromas. Its fresh fruity characteristics are combined with a light initial pungency that builds to a mild pepper on the palate. We recommend this oil for pasta dishes, salads, bruschetta, vegetables and red meats. This oil is also perfect for pan frying.

Barnea is an Israeli variety that has a soft buttery character with notes of cut grass and a deferred hit of pepper. This oil is perfect for making hummus, bruschetta, couscous, accompanying red meats and for casual dipping. Its high stability also makes it a great choice for frying.

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