Quality kitchens and general joinery have become a priority in family homes.
While adding so much value to a new or existing home, quality joinery can be simultaneously functional and aesthetically pleasing.
When it comes to finding a good cabinetmaker and related suppliers, ICM Geelong makes it easy.
ICM stands for Independent Cabinet Makers, a group of qualified professionals each with their own businesses who have banded together to highlight the skills and quality product manufactured by Geelong’s cabinetmaking industry.
They all strive to meet a code of ethics that sets them apart; the best in their field using quality hardware and materials and superior workmanship.
ICM Geelong was formed to encourage people including builders to utilise the services of local cabinetmakers, many of them family-run businesses, to protect the industry well into the future.
“We want to look after future job opportunities for our community, hence our advertising campaign slogan ’Our Jobs, Our Kids, Our Future,” ICM Geelong president Scott Smith says.
“The committee and members firmly believe there will be a trades shortage if we don’t promote our industry, which has so much to offer.”
With the introduction of larger department stores moving into kitchens, cabinetmakers want people to appreciate the difference between a “catalogue” kitchen and one that is custom-built and supports our local industry.
ICM Geelong cabinetmakers also want homeowners to know they do so much more than kitchens and bathrooms and offer custom-made joinery including entertainment units, bookcases and desks at competitive prices.
“ICM Geelong is about cabinetmakers educating and helping each other and sharing resources so our businesses can be more efficient, competitive and productive,” Scott says.
“We share new software ideas for running our factories and discuss the latest machinery available to us.”
The committee works closely with members to promote their work through ICM Geelong’s website and social media. An active website with cabinetmaker listings helps new home builders and renovators seek inspiration for their project.
Acquiring the latest equipment, machinery and technology is an expensive outlay, resulting in many cabinetmakers now choosing to specialise in a particular area so some jobs and tenders suit some businesses more than others.
ICM Geelong has attracted the attention of a range of sponsors who share a similar drive and passion for the industry. Together with them, cabinetmakers offer the best quality materials available, backed up with great design, advice and service to match.
ICM Geelong cabinetmakers can turn your ideas into reality and keep our jobs, our kids and our future where it belongs.

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Quality kitchens and general joinery have become a priority in family homes. While adding so much value to a new ...

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