Gatherings By Crow owner Mandy developed a love of all things vintage while operating two market stalls at North Geelong.
Mandy already had a passion for finding old wares, unusual pieces and items others may have disregarded but the time spent selling antique goods inspired her to open a “unique” shop of her own.
“I’ve always loved to source and collect unusual items,” she says.
“When you’ve got so much stuff, why not become a shop with all your items in it?”
So in October Mandy opened Gatherings by Crow, on Geelong’s Mercer St.
“I came up with my business name because crows fossick for things and are gatherers, so I thought it combined perfectly with my floristry aspect,” she explains.
“Gatherings by Crow sells antiques, industrial-style furniture, floral and farmhouse “finds“, Est soaps and beauty products and fresh flowers.
Also a qualified florist, Mandy supplies creative flower arrangements for functions and intimate weddings.
“I can also use my vintage pieces as part of the arrangement for any occasion, making it unique and one-off.”
To find many of the items that feature in her shop, Mandy regularly visits auctions and has a network of dealers who source products for her.
“I’m constantly searching for items, I never stop really,” she declares.
“I love it – it’s something that I love to do”.
Gatherings by Crow is at 82 Mercer Street, Geelong. Inquiries can be made by phoning 0488 862 639 or visiting facebook.com/blackcrowfinds

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