The Ebony Forest is more than just a homewares shop.
Yes, it sells affordable and quality home decor, but there’s also a superb indoor coffee shop and a sub newsagency.
But let’s face it, it’s the homewares, comprising cushions, decorative items and wall prints in various styles, that draw the customers in to the iconic Newcomb shop.
Established in December 2014, The Ebony Forest is a one-stop shop for home products.
The artwork prints and oil paintings are hugely popular as are the homewares, cushions, furniture (including S/H retro and industrial when available), MOR Emporium range (candles, diffusers, body products) in a range of styles.
It’s the customer service that people rave about.
Andrea Coltish makes sure all her customers leave happy, and a quick look at the feedback from The Ebony Forest’s Facebook site will confirm that customer satisfaction is the most important part of the business.
You can also sip on a coffee while contemplating your purchase. There’s indoor seating and a take-away service.
The Ebony Forest has also introduced a colour and decorating consulting service – either in the shop or own home/office with Andrea.
And why not pick up a newspaper or magazine at the sub newsagency while you’re there?
The Ebony Forest is at 48 Watson Road, Newcomb, and is open from 7.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and 7.30am to 2pm Saturday.
Find them on Facebook at The Ebony Forest or on Instagram.

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