“Next time you’re chatting at a Geelong bar take a minute to admire its countertop – chances are it was supplied locally by Newgrove,” says owner Sean Blood.
Newgrove makes custom countertops for cafes, restaurants, pubs, retail premises, reception areas and office spaces to suit individual style and specifications.
A recent project included supplying the bench tops for the refurbishment of Geelong’s Sawyers Arms Tavern, in keeping with the tradition of the popular Newtown venue.
“Owner Peter Clatworthy selected Corian for the countertops,” Sean says.
DuPont Corian is a high-tech solid surface that’s non-porous and stain-resistant, making it perfect for bar counter tops.
“Even red wine can be wiped away clean,” Sean says.
Newgrove is Geelong’s only Corian fabricator and the team like to work with the solid surface.
“The beauty of Corian is that artistic showpieces can be designed and you can create intricate decorative edging. Sometimes the beauty of a piece is in the detail and the counter feels rich, and luxurious at a fraction of the cost of stone.
“At Sawyers Arms we used Corian Witch Hazel, which was in keeping with the look and feel of the popular tavern. In the upstairs bar and bathroom we used Corian Rain Cloud.
“Both colours go well with timber floorboards.”
Corian is available in an array of colours.
Along with commercial applications, Corian is also popular with new-home builders and renovators for kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and al fresco areas.
Other recent Newgove projects include countertops at The Edge, Gold Diggers Arms, The Rum Bar and The Piano Bar.
Many impressive reception counters around Geelong have also been supplied by Newgrove in either Corian or Laminate.
“We aim to take the client’s branding into account through their reception counters, so this is conveyed as soon as someone enters the premises.
“We aim for functional but with a wow factor; innovative and practical.”
More information on solid-surface Corian is available at newgrovebenchtops.com.au and Newgrove’s showroom.

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