Diamonds are gifts from nature but they need help to bring out their best.
This is achieved by an expert who polishes the diamond on a spinning polishing disc.
Only diamond can cut diamond, so the disc is saturated with oil and diamond dust. If this is done well the diamond will be covered in tiny polished facets to reveal its inner beauty and sparkle
For nearly 50 years the best configuration was believed to be 57 facets arranged in a particular way that was originally determined, mathematically, by Marcel Tolkowski and known as the Tolkowski Ideal Cut. However, over time it was discovered that what this mathematical formula did not take into consideration was how the human mind perceives beauty.
Quite recently a new cut of diamond has been developed to maximise diamond beauty, the Peonia diamond.
This new approach enhances the display within the gem to produce the brightest and most pleasing pattern of facets – it’s the ultimate eye candy.
The Peonia cut features 88 facets, creating a more intense pattern, a starburst of light with improved scintillation.
Each diamond is carefully matched to a setting, whether a ring, pendant or earrings. Where diamonds are set together, all gems are very carefully matched in size and appearance.
The jewellery produced with these diamonds is always made by hand and the jewellers at Charles Rose are experts at this.
Charles Rose is also the exclusive distributor of these gorgeous diamonds in Australia.
Diamonds are best bought from specialists who can explain the differences between them and guarantee the quality and value of your purchase. Also important is after-sales service – cleaning, polishing, checking, repairs and up to date valuations for insurance.
The Charles Rose Peonia diamond can be viewed at Charles Rose Geelong store, 98 Moorabool Street, phone 5229 9088.

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